Factoring as a service serves us to obtain our partners claims in time of them being iliquid and when our partners are not in position to acquire short term financing source.

By freeing up capital locked up in claims – invoices and not utilizing own credit lines, our partners and clients can improve their balance exponentially.

Other factoring advantages are:

  • Increase of available cash;
  • Simple and easy way to acquire financial assets;
  • Additional discounts with suppliers;
  • Premature payments;
  • Release of own credit limits, both financial and warrant with commercial banks;
  • Transforming claims into capital;
  • Speeding up collection process which directly improves your companies financial balance.

With clear definition of the claim (invoice) which you are willing to sell and create additional liquidity to your company, we are able to providevarious financing models, as described below.



Is buying undue receivables, arising on the basis of the delivered goods and services, which supplier sells underlying invoice to CENTAR FAKTOR.

The purchase of past due receivables

Or multiple compensation is financing your buyers when vendor invoices are overdue.

Suppliers financing

Represents approved funding by CENTAR FAKTOR and the obligation of the buyer to the supplier, whether the supplier is domestic or international.


Is purchase of discounted (reduced) value of bills of exchange for the amount of the cost of financing by CENTAR FAKTOR.

Financing without recourse

Represents approved funding by CENTAR FAKTOR without recourse of the parties involved in the individual purchase of receivables.

Recourse financing

Represents approved funding by CENTAR FAKTOR with recourse that provides guarantees of payment by certain means of payment security.

Factoring represents a model of short term financing by cessioning or selling un due claim.

Centar Faktor has provided successful cooperation to numerous companies mostly small and medium enterprises.
We are most successful in dealing with un due claims through variety of factoring service.

Most common form is domestic factoring, through which a seller of the claim – supplier – sells its own un due claim towards his own buyer Centar Faktor, whilst in the same time Centar Faktor pays out this same claim to its original seller – the supplier – to its business account.

One of the most active approach to un due claim purchase is reverse or supplier factoring through which a buyer of the goods is selling its obligation in order to clear out its supplier.

Bills of Exchange Financing  – re purchase – is as a mean of short term financing weather own supplier or buyer available and common through out EU and as such represents simple and easy way of optimizing its own balance sheet, in order to exploit potential of available liquid assets.

International factoring is same as domestic, where buyer and supplier are residing in different states.Centar Faktor cooperates with many international partners through which it holds access to financing international factoring in almost every recognized country in the world.

Surely, there are claims which can be financed and others. Centar Faktor approaches every inquiry thoroughly and with expertise and provides an answer to question is the financing applicable, adjuseed to a specific inquiry.

Centar Faktor buys past due claims exclusively based on confirmation by all parties of credit-debtor relationship, commonly seen with supplier and buyer based on their mutual commercial relationship.

Special Centar Faktor department is in a daily contact with more than 200 partners with whom creates and executes past due claims purchase which is commonly known as multilateral compensation, designed to collect outstanding debt purchased by CF.

By insuring a claim we undertake full risk exposure of payment by your buyers and are obliged, that if buyer does not pays your invoice, to clear out your claim regardless of state of residence of the buyer.

Partners in providing this service are internationally present companies specialized in claims and credit insurance, with which CF is in close cooperation.

Centar Faktor is actively and constantly communicating with all of its partners driven to achieve most favorable quality vs price ratio.

As a partner, Centar Faktor is trying to find compromise when pricing its services since only a paid job is a job well done – job well done is precondition to a long term relationship. Centar Faktor never charges its services before their execution.

In order to be able to deliver you pricing as well as other related information you may be interested in, we kindly ask you to reach out to us via email info@centarfaktor.eu or via  Contact form.













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We are aware how great part in our business relates to time. Therefore when establishing a business relationship we are trying to view issues and problems as new challenges to be resolved within shortest period of time, in order to provide answer and service as soon as possible.


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